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Why All the Fuss About
Terri Schindler-Schiavo?
by Daniel Newby, March 30, 2005

What might happen if we could set the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case aside long enough to take a hard look at those who supposedly "championed" her cause?

Nationally, we would find that our so-called "Republican," Christian-proud, family values Congress and President are spending millions of taxpayer dollars annually to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood (see addendum below), which have spearheaded the drive to murder over 40 million babies in America since 1973.

In response, supposed pro-life organizations like Concerned Women for America have admonished us to "be thankful for a President who honors God's Word and Will by acknowledging and working for the sacredness of human life."
Source: "Bush Proclaims National Sanctity of Human Life Day," Sara E. Weltz, Concerned Women for America, 1/16/2003.

Nevermind that this supposed spiritual icon has, since his first election, repeatedly signed the annual appropriations bill that renews abortion funding.

Even in supposed pro-life, family values states like Utah, the legislature and governor have enacted House Bill 37.  This bill authorizes every "administrative rule" of every state bureaucracy giving them the status of law.  These "rules" include R414-1B of the Utah Department of Health, that authorizes taxpayer resources such as equipment, facilities, and employees to be used for ALL types of abortion on demand.
Sources: "Utah Government Takes Another Stab at Unborn," Accountability Utah, 9/7/2004)  and "2005 Bill Tracking Page," Accountability Utah, 3/2/2005. Note: HB 38 also reauthorizes the Utah Department of Child and Family Services minefield of "administrative rules" it uses to destroy innocent parents and children.

So, what's one more human being?  What makes Terri Schindler-Schiavo so special?  At least, as I understand it, Terri receives morphine to ease her suffering.  Infants, without any anesthesia at all, have their limbs sucked off, are burned alive in saline solutions, and have their brains removed through tiny holes at the base of their soft skulls!

Perhaps the following can bring light to the situation:

1) Terri, not unlike infants who are slaughtered daily all around us, is a convenient icon for phony organizations that want more money and prestige.  Terri represents an increase in donations and a greater profile for organizations like "Concerned Women of America" and "Family Research Center."  The campaign letters have already inundated the unwary public: "Join the fight to save Terri!  Send your donations to..."

2) Terri is an excuse for hypocrites to click their tongues and continue to refuse to take real action to stop evil. How many of those who decry Terri's death have taken any meaningful action to stop abortions performed with our federal, state, and local tax dollars and resources?  When only a few dozen Utahns (and NO religious "leaders") showed up to a July 19, 2004, public hearing (called by citizens) to stop R414-1B, don't try to pull at my heart and purse strings or tell me how pro-life the "religious right" is.  Pro-life includes relentlessly protecting life and easing suffering even when you can't see the suffering and when the recipients of your humanity won't bring you notoriety.
Source: "Officials Planned to Gut Abortion Law Before It Passed!" Accountability Utah, 8/8/04.  Even fewer, approximately 20 citizens, showed up at the September 27, 2004, hearing on this same "rule".)

3) Terri is a tool for government leaders to pretend to do something while they purposely ignore the complete lack of due process for the innocent.  How many calls have you heard, for example, from government leaders (and so-called pro-life talk show hosts and other "advocates" for that matter), to restore Terri's right to a trial by a jury of her peers?  What?  Don't Florida legislators and Gov. Bush have the power to restore her right to a jury trial?  Aren't excited Terri-ites interested in preventing the innocent from being starved or otherwise destroyed without a jury trial in Utah?

Where is all the pro-life fervor to question one judge's dictatorial power to render a life or a death sentence?  Which pro-life "advocates" are questioning whether we should tolerate a one-tyrant-rules-all court system?!  Who is proposing that we should perhaps stop debasing ourselves by whining at the feet of corrupt bureaucrats?!  Terms like pro-life and virtue are supposed to include a respect for the safeguards that make life and civilization possible!
Source: "Issue in Focus: Why Are Jury Trials Crucial to Your Freedom?" Accountability Utah, 1/4/2003.

When throngs and masses give a damn about holding the George Bushes of the world accountable, then perhaps we can believe that the sudden interest in Terri was something more than a deranged soap opera.

Life is indeed a gift from our Creator; therefore, it is time to take it more seriously than do the perverted talking heads. Citizens should demand that Terri's life not be prostituted by self-serving, short-sighted politicians, "non-profits," charities," and political action committees.  Unless the effort includes getting the condemned in front of 12 of his or her peers (i.e. a jury trial), citizens should refuse to be played for fools.



Addendum on Role of Bush & Congress in Funding Abortion

"Planned Parenthood funding," by Steve Lefemine for Covenant News on 10/31/2004, discusses Bush's pivotal role in the federal funding of abortion.

Please note that the article likely does not go far enough in its analysis.  The federal statutes cited below allow taxes to be used for women with a "physical disorder," "physical injury," or "physical illness".  These vague terms can be interpreted to mean anything and everything.  If a woman feels "funny" in the morning, it is a physical illness or disorder, easily certified by a willing "doctor".  Pregnancy itself is viewed and treated by many in the medical community as a disorder or illness.

I have not examined every jot and tittle of the article, but am familiar enough with the general subject matter, as we were forced to attempt to draft SB 68 in 2004 (and its predecessor bill, HB 123 in 2003) with enough exceptions to avoid "jeopardizing" Utah's precious Medicaid funding
Source: "Officials Planned to Gut Abortion Law Before It Passed!" Accountability Utah, 8/8/04, and "Gov. Walker & Sen. Bramble Call for Taxpayer Funding of Euthanasia," Accountability Utah, 5/31/04.

The Bush administration is guilty of murder, theft, and blackmail/extortion against the states and the unborn.



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