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  • I Am Spartacus! Standing Up to Homeland Insecurity:The Department of Homeland Security's recent report on "rightwing extremism" attacks every American by unjustly targeting and tainting some Americans.  Help make this report as meaningless as your local phone directory. (4/29/09)

  • Riding the Beast: The Failed "Conservative" Experiment Too many of us believed that bureaucratic beasts could be transformed into community saints if only WE were in charge. We were nave and arrogant, having no respect for the nature of these beasts, or their corrupting influence on all who touch them. (12/8/08)

  • From King George to Polygamy: Injustice Comes Full Circle: It is easy to grant due process and humane treatment to people we like.  The real test of a civil society, however, is to grant due process to people we don't like the unpopular people who promise little or nothing in return. (4/25/08)

  • Mitt Romney's Two Faces: Voters question Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on two fronts: (1) his flip-flopping on issues such as abortion, and (2) whether his affiliation with the LDS Church (Mormons) affects his ability to put America's interests first. This article demonstrates why both of these concerns are valid, and why Romney is unfit for any public office. (7/25/07)

  • From One "Disordered" Soldier to Another: "By facing reality, man begins the journey toward independence and empowerment. He will resist disorder by pursuing a clear and uncompromising path toward justice and accountability.  And he will deal harshly with those who manipulate and abuse others." (4/16/07)

  • Stop World Suicide: Will you be a pawn for the industrial war machine? Or will you fight and resist the real enemy? Share a flier on global terrorists and their endless "for-profit" wars. (8/29/06)

  • The Fireworks in Man: Celebrate the right your Creator gave you to be free, and your commitment to resist tyranny. Light your own fireworks, and keep them lit throughout the year. (7/4/06)

  • Ideas for an Uncertain Future: Those who prepare for the future dominate how history is written. Those who fail to prepare determine little. Below are 14 ideas to consider as you prepare for what might await you. (6/23/06)

  • Identifying Political Popery: A Decade of Reflection: It is crucial for the sovereign citizen to realize the dangers of surrendering his relationship with his Creator to leaders of organized religions.  While this article highlights disturbing trends within the LDS church, they are hardly isolated to one denomination.  The basic goodness inherent in men and women is under assault by the very organizations that claim to watch over them. (11/24/05)

  • "I Recognize Justice; Therefore I Am": It is a masculine, humane struggle to be just. Indeed, justice is our most serious matter and requires our consistent attention. For to the extent that we refuse this contest, we are no more evolved than the rest of the Animal Kingdom. (10/16/05)

  • The "Refined Racism" of a "Chosen People": It is time to pitch the "divine right of groups" philosophy to the same scrap heap that our forefathers relegated monarchies to. Choosing to be consistent is far more important than whether we are "chosen" or "elected." (9/14/05)

  • John Roberts: Another Witless Slave to "Precedence": Bush's supreme court nominee, John Roberts, certainly has a way with other peoples' words.  Are his views on conscience and "precedent" reasonable or dangerous? (8/12/05)

  • Utah's Checkpoint Alpha: First-hand account of, and thoughts regarding, an unconstitutional, dragnet style traffic checkpoint in America. (4/26/01)



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